Oregon will be front and center during a “Total Solar Eclipse” on August 21, 2017. During the one minute and 44 seconds of “totality” the world will be dark at approximately 10:15 am. The last time a total eclipse happened in the United States was 1979 and this time Oregon will be the first point that the Eclipse will be observable on land.

These Eclipse events are so rare that “Eclipse Chasers” travel the world to view these rare occurrences. We are expected thousands of visitors to the state to enjoy our beautiful scenery and this phenomenon.

Some of the best views will be in the Willamette Valley from Eugene to Salem and at the Oregon Coast. The first land mass that the Eclipse will be visible from will be the Oregon Coast. To view a map with the path of totality in Oregon, click here.

It is recommended that you arrive wherever you plan to watch the Eclipse hours in advance and that you are not driving during the event.  Many small towns in Oregon have one road in and one road out which are likely to become very congested before, during, and after the Eclipse. We suggest that you arrive early to your destination and plan to stay long after the Eclipse concludes.

Ensure that your vehicle has plenty of fuel; you are well stocked with water and snacks in case it takes much longer to get around. Read more helpful tips here.

Don’t forget to pick up your Eclipse Glasses at a local visitor center before venturing out. You will want to protect your eyes and those of your family.

There are lots of Eclipse activities happening throughout the Willamette Valley; you can read about them here.

To learn more about the Eclipse and where to view it in Oregon, visit the Travel Oregon website.