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Willamette Valley Wine Tasting Tours and Routes

Take your taste buds on a journey through one of our Willamette Valley winery tours. From “Bold Reds” to Sparkling Wine the Chehalem Valley offers something for the wine lover in each of us. With so many Oregon Wines to choose from, planning your tour can seem a little daunting. We put together a few winery tour itinerary to get you started planning. So get off the beaten path or check out the processes of the larger Oregon wine producers.

Willamette Valley Wine Country Awaits!

  • Bold Red Wine Cheers in Vineyard at Sunset

Bold Reds Route

Willamette Valley Bold Reds Wine Tasting Tour “Bold Reds” are a unique varietal that doesn’t always thrive in the Chehalem [...]

  • © Serge Chapuis, Domaine Drouhin Vineyards

Large Producers Tour

Despite the status of these wineries as being some of the larger wine producers in the Chehalem Valley, they still remain [...]

  • Rain Dance Vineyards Harvest Time

Off the Beaten Path Tour

A Willamette Valley Winery Tour: Off The Beaten Path In the Willamette Valley we are not short on wineries or [...]

  • Two Glasses of Sparkling Wine in a Willamette Valley Vineyard

Sparkling Wine Tour

The Champagne method (méthode champenoise), practiced throughout the world, is a fascinating, time-intensive process. The best sparkling wines in the world [...]

  • Overlooking wine barrels in a small barrel room or cellar

Visit Small Vinters

Journey to small Willamette Valley wine-makers that craft amazing sought-after vintages you will only find in local tasting rooms or wineries. Start your tour in Historic Downtown [...]

Getting Started on Your Winery/Brewery Tour

At the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce you can pick up your copy of the “Chehalem Valley Field Guide” for free! Both the print and website guide include winery, tasting room and brewery descriptions, hours and locations, plus listings of our lodging partners, restaurants, wine shops, wine tours, local attractions, and more.

Want to concentrate on the sights instead of the road? Hire a winery tour guide and leave it to the experts who are happy to share their vast knowledge of the industry and area. Some will even provide a digital photo archive of your excursion at no extra charge.

Tips for a Great Afternoon of Wine Tasting

We are so glad to have you as a visitor in Oregon wine country and hope you enjoy tasting some of Oregon’s finest wines. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Plan your trip remembering that there are no freeways in wine country.

  • We suggest you select three wineries to visit per day. This allows ample time to sample and purchase in a leisurely way—enjoy yourself!
  • Pick up picnic items at local groceries or sandwich shops. Wineries located in a farm zone are not allowed to have delis. Some wineries have crackers and/or cheese, but often they do not. Bring your own. Most wineries in the area do have picnic spots.
  • Your GPS or Google Maps may not work in all cases in the country. Pick up a local map instead. Call the winery for better directions if you get lost.
  • Purchase at least one bottle per winery to show appreciation for their hospitality. Tasting fees vary considerably. Some are refundable with purchase.
  • Ask questions about the wine or wine processing. Do not be afraid to ask a question. This is a learning experience.
  • Swirl the wine in the glass to allow the aromatics to increase. Savor each taste. Everyone tastes and senses different things. It is up to you to determine if you like a wine.
  • You are not required or expected to drink every last drop in your glass. It’s perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, to spit or dispose of the wine. If you would like to spit, please ask for a cup to use. Most tasting rooms will have dump buckets so if you don’t care for the wine, or the pour is too big, you may use the bucket for any overage. Winery staff are accustomed to this.
  • If you like a particular varietal or wine style that the winery doesn’t have, ask the tasting room staff if they know who might be pouring that varietal. You may also ask dining servers winery recommendations.
  • Bring water with you. On hot days it is a must.
  • Store your purchased wine in the car where it is the coolest. Bring blankets to wrap the wine up, a cooler, or a wine shipping box. Ask for a case box and surround it with the blanket. The trunk is usually cooler than the passenger area. Heat will cook a wine and it cannot recover.
  • Ask the tasting room staff about availability of the wines. Many smaller wineries sell a limited selection to distributors and may not have any distribution out of state. Your favorite may be available only at the winery.
  • Our liquor board does not allow wine service to minors (under 21) or to visibly intoxicated persons. This applies whether you are driving or not. Wineries may have consumption limits.
  • Children in the company of their parents or guardians are allowed at wineries.
  • Wineries may ship your wine to you depending upon the state. Inquire.
  • Tell your friends all about how much you enjoyed your trip!